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DuaRansel in Indonesian literally means “two backpacks”. DuaRansel is Dina and Ryan – an Indonesian and Canadian husband and wife team – who have been living a nomadic life since April 2009, traveling around the world, with only their two backpacks.

Dina, Ryan, the two backpacks, and the world

All our belonging on our backs!

As of November 2013 they’ve been on the road for four and a half years, traveling through over 45 countries. They don’t have a home to go back to. They gave away their possessions, gave up their apartment, and now their home is their backpacks and each other.

Their traveling style could be described as: backpacking, permanent traveling, budget traveling, slow traveling, light traveling, traveling without planning and looking for cheap opportunities, and digital nomad living. As digital nomads, they both work as they travel, maintaining their income via the Internet. Their jobs are not bound to a place, so they’re free to roam the world while earning money to support their nomadic lifestyle.

Other than normal touristic stuff, they love engaging with local people, trying the local foods, and exploring nature. They love hiking, and they’re also avid divers.

Greenland - Ryan - Blue sky sea lake pool

Blue Greenland – The pool, the lake, the sea, and the sky.


Dina & Ryan as a travel couple is now known as DuaRansel. They love to share their travel stories with the world via:


The couple has been featured as inspiring travel figures in major TV shows, newspapers, magazines, radio, as well as numerous websites. Here are some examples:

  • Talkshow Hitam Putih on Trans7 with Deddy Corbuzier – 2013
DuaRansel bersama Deddy Corbuzier di Talkshow Hitam Putih - Trans7

DuaRansel bersama Deddy Corbuzier di Talkshow Hitam Putih – Trans7

  • Wideshot on MetroTV – 2013
  • Metro Xinwen on MetroTV – 2013
  • Sarah Sechan show on NET – 2013
  • OnTheSpot on Trans7 – 2013
  • JTV – 2013
  • Jawa Pos – 2013
  • Cek&Ricek – 2013
  • National Geographic Traveler Indonesia – 2013
  • Elle Magazine Indonesia – 2013
  • Femina Indonesia – 2013
  • iCreate – 2013
  • Prambors Solo Radio – 2013
  • Radio DFM Jakarta – 2013
  • Republika – 2013
  • Backpackin Magazine – 2013
  • Jakarta Globe – 2013
  • Detik Travel – 2013
  • Kompasiana – 2013
  • – 2013
  • Reader’s Digest Indonesia – 2012


Dina DuaRansel is also a contributor to various travel magazines as a travel writer, photographer, and cover figure:

  • DiveMag
  • TravelXpose
  • Panorama
DuaRansel in DiveMag cover - Natuna

DuaRansel in DiveMag cover. Location: Natuna. Photo by Ria Qorina.


DuaRansel photography has been acknowledged through the use in various media as well as mentioned in

  • TravelFotografi Magazine


Dina DuaRansel also co-authored a book

  • The Journeys 3

WEB/BLOG: DUARANSEL.COM travel website/blog publishes only unique content written by Dina and Ryan focused on 4 things:






  • Promoting Kerala India (March 2014)

Ryan and Dina’s permanent traveling is also known around the world through their English language travel blog:

Through VagabondQuest:

  • Ryan and Dina promoted British Columbia Province of Canada! They were chosen to be explorers as part of “Explore British Columbia” (Canada) campaign by the official Tourism British Columbia – 2012. Here Dina & Ryan were given a car to do one month full road trip in the province of British Columbia, Canada, to promote tourism in the province through daily blogging on (screenshot below), and related Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
We blog for Tourism British Columbia, Canada

We blog for Tourism British Columbia, Canada


DuaRansel’s gathering events “Kumpul-Kumpul bersama DuaRansel” are popular among their fans:

  • 2012 gatherings (first round):
  • 2012 gatherings (second round):
    • Jakarta – over 80 attendees
    • Surabaya – over 50 attendees
    • Medan – about 20 attendees
Kumpul-kumpul bersama DuaRansel di Bali - 2013

Kumpul-kumpul bersama DuaRansel di Bali – 2013

  • 2013 gatherings
    • Jakarta – over 150 attendees
    • Bandung – over 80 attendees
    • Surabaya – over 70 attendees
    • Bali – over 40 attendees
    • Padang
  • We have many requests from the fans all over Indonesia to do “Kumpul-Kumpul bersama DuaRansel” event in their home cities.


DuaRansel have been invited to speak at numerous seminars and events, including:

  • Danone DanCommunityID, Jakarta, November 28 2013, over 100 attendees
  • “Jalanesia” Unpad Bandung, November 26 2013, over 350 attendees
  • Universitas Indonesia, Depok, November 2013, over 100 attendees

Travel is not a sprint. A journey is not a marathon. Chill out and enjoy the moment.

Thank you for reading! Warm Regards,

Ryan & Dina DuaRansel

Contact by e-mail: [email protected]

Phone number: please obtain through email, since it will be different according to the country we are currently in.


6 Responses to “Profile”

  1. Aline
    14 December 2013 at 10:03 am #

    Hello pasangan!
    Kami orang Brasil tp kmi tinggal d Indonesia, udah 4 tahun! Tp skrg kami akan pindah ke Cambodia.
    Kami kerja di NGO, and take care orphanage children,and we love this! Dan kami puji Tuhan krn bisa bkn itu! 🙂
    Kami mau tahu, kalo kalian udah pernah ke Turki…Capadocia dan Efesu?
    Thnks kaloa ada info…
    Keep traveling, Gbu

    • Aline
      14 December 2013 at 10:10 am #

      E venham conhecer o nosso Brasil!!! e sejam bem vindos!

  2. Aline
    14 December 2013 at 10:11 am #

    Venham para o Brasil, aqui é lindo, serao muito bem-vindos!

  3. Aline
    14 December 2013 at 10:13 am #

    Venham para o nosso Brasil, aqui é lindo, serao muito bem-vindos!

  4. Sneakersholic news
    20 October 2014 at 10:42 am #

    dua pasangan yang sangat menginspirasi saya untuk tetap menulis di blog … tetap semangat dan jelajah terus dunia yang indah ini,,,, salam…

    • Dina
      25 February 2015 at 8:37 am #

      terima kasih, salam 🙂

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